Recovering From Hemorrhoid Surgery: 4 Tips

The pain or hemorrhoids can make it hard to work, play, and enjoy your life. If you have tried more conservative treatments like creams and soaks to no avail, your doctor will likely recommend having the hemorrhoids removed surgically. This prospect can be a bit intimidating as the idea of having someone cut into such a delicate region is scary. However, you'll feel a lot better when it is all over -- and the recovery period won't be that bad, either, if you follow these tips.

Common Cold Versus Sinus Infection

From dealing with uncomfortable symptoms to missing school or work, being sick is not pleasant. Unfortunately, some people do not take the necessary steps when they develop an illness or virus. Basic colds or sinus infections, for example, are common illnesses that most people do not worry too much about. However, without proper understanding and care, these illnesses can affect your daily life for a good period of time. This guide will help you understand the differences between the common cold and a sinus infection and how to diagnosis and treat both types of illnesses.

Helpful Tips Parents Should Consider When Dealing With Craniosynostosis In An Infant

Craniosynostosis is a medical condition, occurring in infants, where the sutures close too early. This can result in abnormal brain and skull growth. If your baby is currently dealing with this unfortunate condition, these tips are important to consider as the parent.  Get an Official Diagnosis  Just because your infant's head is misshaped, doesn't automatically mean they have craniosynostosis. It could be another condition that's perhaps less severe. So that you're completely sure of what your infant is dealing with, their medical condition needs to be properly diagnosed.

About Hair Loss In Men

While everyone sheds some hair on a regular basis, there are a lot of people who lose their hair to the point of hair thinness and baldness. Men are mostly at risk of thinning hair and baldness. However, even though many men do have extreme hair loss, this doesn't make it any easier for them to accept when and if it happens to them. There are a number of reasons that cause a man to lose hair and not grow it back.

3 Conditions That Epidural Injections Are Used To Treat

If you think that an epidural is only used when women go into labor, think again. Lumbar epidurals are a type of injection therapy that can help to decrease other types of pain. When it comes to being used as an effective treatment for back pain, an epidural gets injected into the epidural space, which is located on the outside of the membrane that protects the spinal cord. In many cases, back pain is caused by a condition of the spine.