Arrange A Hospital Tour When Pregnant To Learn About These Things

When you're pregnant and already have a few children at home, the process of visiting the hospital and giving birth might feel so familiar that it doesn't increase your anxiety at all. For those who are pregnant with their first child, however, this entire sequence of events can feel unfamiliar and perhaps cause a little anxiety. If you're in this situation, it can be a good idea to see if the hospital you're planning to use offers prenatal tours. Many such facilities run these tours, and for a small fee, you'll get better acquainted with the process of visiting the hospital — and this can help you to feel more confident when the time finally arrives. Here are some things that you'll learn about on this tour.

Familiarization With The Birthing Unit

During your tour, you'll get a chance to walk through the unit in which you'll be visiting when you arrive at the hospital in labor. This moment is already stressful, so being able to tour the facility in advance can make it feel familiar and more welcoming to you when you arrive to give birth. Your tour guide will show you where to check in, give you a chance to experience one of the empty rooms, and then talk about other related elements. For example, if your child has health concerns upon being born, he or she may be taken to the hospital's neonatal unit — and you'll get to visit this area so that you feel more comfortable with it.

Answers To Your Questions

Anyone in your situation is bound to have a long list of questions about the process of having your first child. Your tour guide will do his or her best to answer these questions throughout the tour, as well as give you a chance to pose any additional queries at the end of the tour. Getting authoritative answers to every question that you have — even if some of them seem small and you feel a little embarrassed to ask them — will make you feel much more confident when you arrive at the hospital the next time.

Navigating The Hospital

The tour will also illustrate the best way for you to navigate the hospital when you arrive in labor. For example, you'll be shown which entrance to use so that you can access the birthing unit as quickly as possible. And, if you're unable to walk, your spouse will be shown where he can gather a wheelchair — or a phone that he can use to call for assistance.

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