I Can Hear That! 3 Tips To Help Your Child Adjust To Their New Hearing Aids

If your child has a hearing problem, you've probably been looking forward to the day when they'd finally have their hearing aids. That can be an exciting day, as you await the opportunity for your child to finally hear the world around them. It's important to remember that your child might not adjust to the new hearing aids as quickly as you'd like them to. They may actually react negatively towards them. If your child doesn't want to wear their new hearing aids, don't panic. They will adjust to the changes, but you'll need to help them through the process. Here are three tips that will help your child adjust to their new hearing aids.

Be Positive

While your child is adjusting to their hearing aids, they're going to be looking to you for cues. If your reactions to the hearing aids are positive, you child will learn to react positively. Encourage other family members to react in a positive manner, as well. Through positive reinforcement from you, the hearing aids will become a normal part of your child's life.

Start Slowly

Your child will need time to adjust to the sensation of sound. You shouldn't expect that your child will be prepared for full-time use as soon as they receive their new hearing aids. To ensure a positive adjustment to the hearing aids, it's best to begin with gradual use. Have your child wear the hearing aids for a few minutes at a time. Begin by choosing a time when your child can sit quietly and adjust to the changes. Once your child can leave the hearing aids in for 10-15 minutes at a time, begin to extend the time. Your child will eventually be able to leave their hearing aids in for the entire day.

Look for Signs of Distress

If it's been a few days, and your child is still reacting negatively to the hearing aids, you might want to start looking for signs of distress. Look inside your child's ear to see if there is something that might be interfering with the way the aid fits. Watch to see if your child reacts with discomfort when they're around loud noises. If you see any signs of distress or discomfort, be sure to speak to your child's doctor.

It can be quite an adjustment to go from non-hearing to hearing. If your child has been fitted for their first hearing aids, the tips provided above will help you make the adjustment period a little easier on them.