Following A Loved One's Fall, Seek Help At An Urgent Care Facility

If you have an elderly family member who lives with you, one of your biggest concerns may be that he or she falls in your home. While there are a lot of things that you can do to lessen this risk, there's always a chance that your family member will lose his or her balance and take a tumble. If the fall appears to be extremely serious or perhaps even life threatening, you should call 911 and have emergency responders dispatched to your home. In the event of a less-serious fall, it's still a good idea to seek medical treatment by visiting a nearby urgent care center. Here are some things that the medical professionals in this environment will do.

Check For A Head Injury

When elderly people fall, it's possible that they sustain a head injury that might not be detected if you don't seek medical care. At an urgent care center, doctors will talk to your loved one to see if he or she may be suffering from a head injury such as a concussion. The medical professional will ask your family member to detail any symptoms that he or she may be experiencing, as the answers can indicate whether a concussion or another type of head injury may be present.

Diagnose And Fix Broken Bones

Broken bones can also occur during a fall in your home, whether it's a broken leg from slipping to the floor awkwardly or a broken forearm or finger from trying to break the fall. The medical professional who cares for your family member will first assess whether a broken bone is likely by performing a series of physical tests, and then may even send your family member for an X-ray to obtain a definitive answer about the nature of the injury. If the patient has indeed broken a bone that doesn't require surgery to correct, he or she can receive a cast on the spot.

Diagnosis Of The Cause

In some cases, the cause of a fall in your home will be evident. For example, your family member could have tripped over a pet or a piece of furniture. In other cases, the reason for the incident may be unclear. You can expect the medical professional to talk to your family member about what precipitated the fall. For example, it's possible that he or she was hit with a spell of dizziness. In such a scenario, the doctor may point out potential causes, which could include dizziness as a result of medication, and then suggest that you book your family member for further testing if necessary.

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