3 Tips On Spinal Compression Surgery And Recovery

In a world where people are spending more time in traffic, sitting down and carrying more weight, back pain is a substantial problem. In fact, studies show that more than 30 million people suffer from lower back pain. If you are someone who is dealing with back pain and know you are a candidate for spinal compression treatment or other forms of back surgery, you'll be relieved to know that they are effective and widely available. If you are considering getting one of these back surgeries, consider these tips below and use them so that you can get the healing that you need. 

#1: Find the best doctor to handle your procedure

There are a lot of back and spine professionals who can handle this surgery. In order to make the most out of this, take the time to get referrals from people you know who have had successful back surgeries. This will let you spend time to find a list of 3 to 5 different doctors you can sit down with. They will show you diagrams and videos and let you know the exact diagnosis of what type of surgery procedure will be best for you. It is also at this time that you should get your medical insurance in order because these surgeries tend to be pretty pricey. In many situations, with medical insurance you might pay a maximum of $2000 out-of-pocket, while without insurance, you may pay as much as $150,000.

#2: Plan to get plenty of rest

After seeking such a surgery, it is important that you give yourself the necessary time to heal. Make sure that you clean your home thoroughly before the surgery, so you are coming home to somewhere peaceful and relaxing. Stock up on plenty of food, so you do not have any errands to run. Further, ask your doctor for a painkiller prescription, because you will feel some soreness and swelling for at least the first few days after the surgery.

#3: Get the aftercare that you need

Make sure that you take the time to heal so that you bounce back stronger than ever. Your doctor will likely recommend you to a physical therapy clinic that can heal you. In addition to regular physical therapy sessions, find a chiropractor that can give you regular adjustments and massages. Chiropractic visits will cost between $30 and $200

Use these tips in order to get the back healing that you need. For more information on spinal compression recovery, check out a site like http://swfna.com.