Corneal Scratching And How It Makes Wearing Contact Lenses So Difficult

Contact lenses are a great way for people to correct their vision without the need of wearing glasses. Unfortunately scratches on the eye (known as corneal scratches) can make it difficult and painful to wear these lenses. Here's how to manage the problem.

Corneal Scratches Aren't Uncommon

When the cornea of the eye gets scratched, this is known as corneal scratching. It can be caused by any number of irritants getting on the eye and scratching it. For example, all of the following behaviors could cause minor to severe corneal scratching:

  • A poke in the eye
  • Sand on the cornea
  • Chemicals landing on the eye
  • Dirty contact lenses

These scratches can be very painful, though they will heal given enough time. The worst part about them is how they affect putting on contact lenses. It will be very difficult to wear them for an extended period of time due to the discomfort that is caused.

Complications Caused By This Problem

Those with corneal scratching may not even realize they have a problem until some time has passed. As a result, it is possible to suffer from other symptoms when wearing contact lenses, such as:

  • Stinging eyes that turn red
  • Watering and tearing up
  • Reduced vision acuity
  • Light sensitivity

Unfortunately these symptoms may make it impossible to wear contact lenses until the eye has healed. For those who have a pair of glasses which they can wear, it's not a major problem. However for those who do not have glasses or who's prescription is too old, it is important to manage corneal scratching to ensure the ability to wear contact lenses.

Managing This Problem

To help speed up the healing process for corneal scratching, it is important to follow these simple diagnostic steps. It isn't necessary to follow them in order or to follow all of them. It is only necessary to do what is needed to make the eye feel better:

  • Blinking can help eliminate small particles that may be causing further irritation
  • Washing the eye with saline lotion may soothe some pain and eliminate further scratching
  • Removing contact lenses and soaking them in solution avoids further eye irritation
  • Rinsing eyes out regularly to catch any other materials that may be bothering the eyes

Although these steps are relatively simple to understand, it is implement them as accurately as possible. This will make it easier for those with contact lenses to recover and give them the chance to wear their lenses without serious discomfort. Talk to a doctor, like, for help.