Several Tips For Installing A Stairlift In Your Home

Making the decision to add a stairlift to the house can be an important update to make if you have developed a disease or suffered an injury that makes it difficult for you to walk up stairs. If you are considering this upgrade, the following few tips should be followed so that your experience with adding a stairlift is problem-free and productive.

Review Your Insurance Coverage For This Addition

Having a stairlift installed can be one of the more expensive upgrades that can be made to your home's interior. Yet, it can be a common issue for people to overlook the fact that their insurance may help to pay some of the costs of installing the stairlift. A common requirement for policies that provide this coverage is for it to be recommended by your physician for safety reasons. For example, a person that has suffered severe problems with their knee joints may be at a higher risk of falling due to difficulty raising their feet high enough to clear the stairs.

Leave The Installation Of Your Stairlift To A Specialist

A homeowner may attempt to cut the costs of installing these stairlifts by having a friend or family member try to install the system. Yet, this can prove to be a major mistake, as an incorrectly installed stairlift can damage the stairs. This occurs because the weight of the stairlift and rider can be enough to cause it to detach from the wall. In addition to contributing to structural damages to the home, this could also put the rider at risk of falling out of the chair if it were to become detached while the rider was using it.

Sign A Service Contract With A Stairlift Maintenance Provider

Getting the most out of the stairlift will require some regular maintenance work to be done to it. This may include servicing the motor and belts that allow the chair to move along the tracking. Another common task that is done during maintenance visits is testing the electrical system to make sure that the battery backup is able to effectively retain a charge and that voltage to the motor is stable.

By signing a service contract, you may be able to reduce the expenses of having your stairlift serviced as well as the risk of forgetting to schedule this work. This is due to the fact that many stairlift providers offer discounts and reminder services for those that sign service contracts. In addition to the benefits for regular service visits, these contracts may also allow you to save money on repairs, but this will vary from one provider to another.