Signs That You May Need A Hearing Aid

Having hearing loss can affect your quality of life. However, you may not realize that your hearing issues are severe enough to require a hearing aid. Here are a few indications that you should have your ears professionally assessed for a possible hearing aid:

You are unable to hear certain voices well.

Even if you are able to hear most of the people around you, if you have suffered hearing loss within a specific range, you may not be able to clearly hear the voices of people whose voice tones are within that range. As a result, you may strain to hear specific friends or loved ones, while you are able to hear others well.

Hearing aids are available to adjust frequencies within certain ranges. If you are having trouble hearing certain people but can discern what others are saying just fine, it is best to have your ears assessed.

You are watching the lips of people as they speak.

Without realizing it, you may have adapted to your hearing loss by starting to read lips. If you notice that instead of focusing on the eyes of a person, you fixate on their mouth as they speak, it could indicate that you are unable understand what they are saying without watching their lips. If this is the case, when you look away, you may miss what the person has just said.

You constantly ask people to repeat what they've said.

If you are constantly asking those who speak to you to repeat what they've just said, it could be because hearing loss is causing you to miss their initial statements. Notice whether or not the people start to speak louder as they repeat words. If you are able to hear them more clearly because of the increase in volume, a hearing aid may be able to help you.

Your phone volume is set to very high.

When you speak on the phone, you are unable to rely on lip reading to help you determine what is being said. As a result, if you have suffered hearing loss, you may have to turn your phone volume up to a high level in order to understand what the person on the other end of saying. If your phone's volume is so high that when others use your phone, they have to adjust it downward immediately, it is likely that you need a hearing aid.

To learn more about hearing aids and to have your hearing assessed, schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area.