Tips for Disguising Your Hearing Aids If You Feel Self-Conscious About Them

Getting hearing aids creates a significant change in your life, and the vast majority of this change is positive. The one area that you might initially feel concerned about, however, is having your hearing aids visibly stand out when you're out in public. Although you'll certainly appreciate being able to hear more clearly, you might also feel a little self-conscious about the hearing aids—just as you might about getting glasses or braces. While you can eventually let your friends and colleagues know about this change, you might feel good disguising the hearing aids' presence for a while. Here are some simple ways to achieve this goal.

Change Your Hairstyle

Regardless of your gender, it's easy to visit your barber or hairstylist and change your hairstyle to prevent your hearing aids from being so visible. For women, medium or long hair can be cut and styled to fall in front of the ears; for men, even moderate-length hair can flow over the upper half of your years, covering up the hearing aids. Talk to your hair professional to find a cut that suits the look of your face, is easy to maintain and style yourself, and that gives the desired effect of making your hearing aids stand out less.

Wear Different Glasses

If you wear glasses, changing the frames can actually draw peoples' eyes to your glasses, possibly causing them to fail to notice your hearing aids. In this regard, big and bold frames are best; thick, plastic frames, for example, will dominate your face and catch the eyes of those around you. This is especially true if your frames have a vivid color, such are maroon, green, or blue. While your hearing aids will still technically be visible, people will be less likely to spot them.

Make Changes to Your Outfits

In different scenarios, you'll be able to pick clothing or accessories that fully or partially covers your ears, allowing you to feel less self-conscious about your hearing aids. For example, if you're heading to the gym, you could consider wearing a headband over your ears. When you're out on a walk in the cold weather, a knitted cap can be ideal. In other environments, simply pulling up the hood on your sweatshirt or jacket can work. Remember, though, many people have hearing aids, and while you might initially feel shy about yours, you should try to focus on all the benefits they're providing you with. If you focus on this angle, you'll hopefully soon learn that you don't need to cover them up. Talk to a professional such as Jacobs Clinical Diagnostics for more ideas about adjusting to having hearing aids.