Tips To Discourage An Achy Back And Enjoy Life

Do you experience frequent bouts of back pain that interfere with you enjoying certain activities? If so, you may have tried to manage your back pain episodes on your own by taking over-the-counter medications or refraining from participation in certain activities. Perhaps you have even considered that there is nothing further you can do except endure back pain and enjoy moments when you are not in pain. The following tips may help to reduce the number of back pain episodes you experience. 

Avoid "marathon-like" behaviors.

If you enjoy things such as gardening or lifting weights, consider doing those activities in shorter, less intense sessions. For example, instead of spending hours bending in your garden, you could spend 20 or 30 minutes at a time. Pay attention to signals of fatigue or strain in your back. This may aid in helping you to figure out approximately how long you can do enjoyable activities that involve the use of your back, and you can take breaks accordingly. 

Aim to use good posture at all times.

Some episodic back pain is caused by incorrect posture. If you have gotten used to not keeping your back straight, you may feel awkward when you first start to focus on correct posturing. Ensure that you expand correct posturing into other activities beyond walking and standing. For example, slouching in a chair while watching television could cause your back to start hurting. Sit up straight, and aim to sit in chairs that have a back on them for added support and to discourage slouching habits.

Incorporate stretching into your daily plans.

Stretching does not have to be a complex set of repetitive motions that take a long time. Getting up from your work desk to walk around for a few minutes is an example of a simple way to stretch muscles in your lower body. If you are in the midst of doing something and cannot get up, turn your head side-to-side slowly to discourage upper back and neck cramps. You can also do a few shoulder rolls. 

Include a physical therapist in your care goals.

A physical therapy provider is a good resource to use for additional measures you can take to eliminate back pain. They may also be able to provide therapeutic services to help your back pain improve. It is important to continue any prescribed therapy sessions even if you start feeling better and stop having back pain. This is because stopping therapy prematurely may cause the recurrence of back pain episodes. Read more about physical therapy here.