Adult Daycare Options

If you need help caring for an aging loved one, adult daycare is one of the less invasive options. It doesn't require moving all your loved one's belongings to a designated facility, and it allows you to spend time with him or her whenever you're at home. They also provide a great chance for your senior loved one to socialize with other senior citizens. But whether or not the daycare center will fill your needs depends on what type it is. Here are three options you have concerning types of adult daycare centers. 

1. Medical care

Ideally suited to those with long-term health needs, this type of daycare focuses on providing healthcare needs. The specialization includes a more medical focus for optimum rehabilitation and management of chronic health problems. However, it also provides some social events and activities to allow the senior citizens to have fun while having medical needs treated.

2. Socializing

This type of daycare focuses less on medical issues and goes in for social and recreational activities instead. Having fun is the focus here, meaning that fewer health services are offered and more socializing is possible. Of course, some medical services are available as well, such as the administration of medications with meals. In addition, some of these types of facilities allow interaction with other age groups, such as schoolchildren. These activities can be especially stimulating for an older relative.

3. Alzheimer's

Some adult daycares are optimized for the care and treating of Alzheimer's and dementia patients. This means that not only is the environment secure and friendly, but also some of the programs provided offer mental stimulation benefits. Memory training and general education courses may be included in the planned programs as well. In fact, attending one of these centers may allow an Alzheimer's patient to keep living at home for many months when he or she would otherwise have been placed in a nursing home.

Whether you're the child or grandchild of a senior citizen, you may feel guilty for leaving him or her home alone all day while you're at work. And given the hazards of aging, you're right to worry. One of these types of adult daycare centers may provide you with the relief and peace of mind you need and the secure environment your loved one requires. Before you decide on a daycare center, inquire what type of services they provide. Contact a local provider, such as Independent Days Adult Care Center, Inc., for further assistance.