Four Tips To Ease Lower Back Pain During The Work Week

Lower back pain can be a chronic condition that one must manage through treatments recommended by doctors and physical therapists. Lifestyle choices can also add to existing back pain. Lower back pain is a common occurrence in the office environment today because people tend to sit most of the day and their back position stays stagnant. If you suffer from lower back pain that acts up while you are sitting at work, here are four things that you can do to ease pain.

1. Walking at Lunch

Sitting in one place all day long can be taxing on your back. Getting up and moving around will keep your back loose. If you can incorporate a walk or some sort of physical activity, the release of endorphins can help make your back and entire body feel better. This will give your some relief and you can get through the rest of your workday with less pain.

2. Focus on Your Sleep During the Week

Bad sleep can make back pain flare up during the workday. If there is more going on, such as a bad mattress, replace this with a bed that gives the support you need throughout the night. Not getting enough sleep doesn't give your body the restorative powers needed and can keep your back pain in constant flux the next day at work.

3. Incorporating Stretching

If you are in a physical therapy program, stretching might be incorporated into your plan. If not, then make sure you follow a daily stretching routine. Incorporate simple hamstring, leg and core stretching can loosen up your back muscles that can seize up. Check in with your doctor about other stretching recommendations and the possibility of adding yoga to your lifestyle.

4. Have an Ergonomic Assessment

There might actually be big problems with your work set-up that you aren't even aware of. If your work has an ergonomic assessment program, have them come and take a look at your space and make recommendations. You might be sitting with the wrong posture or with your keyboard at the wrong angle. Another common recommendation is a rising desk, so that you can sit or stand throughout the day to keep moving.

Working in an office all day that involves a lot of sitting can compound existing problems. Always follow the advice of medical professionals for lower back pain, but try to make a few minor changes in your routine that can help ease pain. You can also visit a chiropractor such as Beltline Chiropractic a few times a month to keep your spine properly aligned. Making sure that you are actively working to lower day-to-day pain and to hopefully minimize your overall symptoms.