Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men: What You Need To Know

There is a reason your testosterone plummets after a certain age. It is being replaced with an increase in female hormones, which have been present in your body since before birth. It is the body's natural way of shifting from your reproductive years to your retirement years. Unfortunately for you and most other men, this also means a decline in sex drive. Most men turn to hormone replacement therapy to boost their testosterone production, but it can have many negative side effects. Here is a closer look at what increasing your testosterone levels later in life can do, and some other options which can help.

Increased Testosterone After Fifty and Increased Heart Disease

It has been proven that hormone replacement therapies for both men and women after middle age increases risks of heart disease, compromised blood vessels, fatty liver disease and high cholesterol. If you are already experiencing any of the above, choosing hormone pills made by a pharmaceutical company increases the risks and complications associated with these diseases and disorders. To make matters worse, engaging in activities that elevate your heart rate, like sex, can be fatal.

Other Pharmaceuticals Meant to Help You Sexually

If all you want is the means to have a healthy sex life, then you might be considering some other pharmaceutically created drugs. You might think these are safer because you only take them if you expect to engage in sex, but they can be even more dangerous and lead to publically embarrassing situations when you have to visit an emergency room to correct the side effects. Rather than take a synthetic hormone all the time or a potentially lethal drug some of the time, you should try a third option: bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Its Benefits

Although it seems like a fad branch of medicine, bioidentical hormones are significantly safer than any drug on the market. Your own hormones are collected and mass-reproduced to create a medicine your body will not reject. With its own hormones circulating through your system, the body self-regulates and begins to match the amount you are taking as medicine. Your testosterone elevates to a healthy level and your sex drive returns. It will not cause any of the negative side effects that synthetic hormones or other drugs for sexual problems cause, and you may feel more youthful because your body is in tune with its own reproduced hormones. What is more, you can quit taking the bioidentical hormones any time you like, without any post-drug side effects common to most drugs.

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